Sichuan Salient Cultural Trade Co., Ltd Magical Winter Lights

Sichuan Salient Cultural Trade Co., Ltd (Salient) starts from the festival, Houston Magical Winter Lights. It has all kinds of professionals with international trade experience, knowing overseas market demands, understanding the project and foreign language. Since the first Houston Magical Winter Lights was successfully held in 2015, the company has been committed to the promotion of Chinese lanterns in overseas markets, and also has promoted Chinese traditional acrobatics, intangible cultural heritage performances, traditional arts,crafts and simulated dinosaurs to the international market through the lantern exhibition platform.

Zigong Bosswell Lantern Culture and Arts Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Salient, which is our design and production base. Through the efforts of several years, Salient has developed into a diverse lantern culture enterprise with independent investment, independent creativity, design and production, and festival operation.

The Magical Winter Lights has been successfully held for five times in Houston. It is loved by local people and has become another major festival for family reunion during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve. It is praised by enthusiastic tourists as Disney from the East and Disney for Texans. With the unremitting efforts of our partner Magical Winter Lights LLC Company in the United States, we have gotten the prize of the Best Tourist Attraction awarded by VISIT HOUSTON and the prize of Crystal awarded by the American Marketing Association,and been the biggest winner in the 2019 Great Challenge of Christmas Lights, etc.


Become a leader in the lantern industry integrating investment, creative design and on-site operation and management